Oveallgo™ 穴位淋巴舒緩頸部儀

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Oveallgo™ 穴位淋巴舒緩頸部儀
Oveallgo™ 穴位淋巴舒緩頸部儀

Tired of neck discomfort, stiffness, and those stubborn neck humps? Our cutting-edge device combines ancient wisdom with modern technology to help you reclaim your neck’s comfort and vitality. Unlock a world of comfort with the Oveallgo™ Acupoints Lymphatic Soothing Neck Instrument. Get yours today and experience the difference!

Don’t let neck discomfort hold you back. Elevate your neck health with Oveallgo™. Your path to a happier, healthier neck starts now!

Oveallgo™ 穴位淋巴舒緩頸部儀

“I’ve suffered from neck humps and tension for years. Oveallgo™ has been a game-changer. The relief I’ve experienced is unbelievable, and I can feel the difference in my posture. Thank you, Oveallgo™!”

Mia Smith — New York City, NY


“I was skeptical at first, but Oveallgo™ exceeded my expectations. It’s become a part of my daily routine, and I can’t imagine my life without it. My neck feels more relaxed, and the excess fats seem to be melting away. Highly recommend!”

David Miller — Los Angeles, CA

Introducing the Oveallgo™ Acupoints Lymphatic Soothing Neck Instrument, your key to revitalizing neck health and reclaiming comfort in your daily life

 Oveallgo™ 穴位淋巴舒緩頸部儀

This innovative device is designed to target acupoints, stimulate lymphatic circulation, and alleviate discomfort caused by toxins, waste buildup, excess fats, and neck humps. Say goodbye to stiffness and tension, and embrace the freedom of a healthier, more relaxed neck.

 Oveallgo™ 穴位淋巴舒緩頸部儀

The Oveallgo™ Acupoints Lymphatic Soothing Neck Instrument is built upon the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with cutting-edge technology. It utilizes gentle vibrations and precise acupoint stimulation to activate the body’s natural lymphatic drainage system. Here’s how it works:

Consist of 3 Key Features for Oveallgo™ Acupoints Lymphatic Soothing Neck Instrument

  1. 肌肉放鬆
  2. Lymphatic Activation
  3. 增強血液循環


肌肉放鬆: The soothing vibrations not only promote lymphatic circulation but also relax tense neck muscles. This can help alleviate discomfort, reduce neck humps, and improve overall neck mobility.


Lymphatic Activation: Gentle vibrations and massage-like movements of the device stimulate the lymphatic system, encouraging the flow of lymph fluid. This process helps to flush out toxins, waste products, and excess fats that may have accumulated in the neck area.

 Oveallgo™ 穴位淋巴舒緩頸部儀

增強血液循環: In addition to its primary functions of acupoint stimulation, lymphatic activation, and muscle relaxation, the Oveallgo™ device also plays a crucial role in enhancing blood circulation in the neck area. Improved circulation helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the targeted tissues and removes metabolic waste products more effectively.

This is why Oveallgo™ Acupoints Lymphatic Soothing Neck Instrument is special

  • Precision Acupoint Stimulation
  • Lymphatic System Activation
  • Muscle Relaxation Technology
  • 符合人體工程學的設計,帶來舒適感
  • 可調節強度級別
  • Rechargeable Battery for Portability
  • LED Display for Easy Operation
  • 輕巧便攜
  • Durable and Easy to Clean Materials
  • Suitable for All Neck Sizes


  1. 準備: Ensure the device is fully charged using the included USB cable. Clean your neck area and remove any jewelry or accessories.
  2. Power On and Customize: Press the power button to turn on the Oveallgo™. Use the LED display to select your preferred intensity level. Start with a lower intensity if you’re new to the device.
  3. Massage and Relax: Gently place the device around your neck, allowing the acupoint nodes to make contact. Move the device in a circular motion, targeting areas of discomfort. Use for 10-15 minutes daily for optimal results. After use, power off the device and wipe it clean for the next session. Enjoy the soothing relief!

    Oveallgo™ 穴位淋巴舒緩頸部儀